Patent Agent Herb Lacey USPTO REG. # 72393

Herb Lacey is the Founder of Innatricity, LLC Patent Law, and he is licensed to practice patent law in patent cases before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Herb has helped corporate and individual inventors catalyze business value by transforming innovative ideas into intellectual property. He understands each client faces unique business challenges, and employs customized strategies to assist clients in achieving their objectives. Herb takes the time to help clients understand the patenting process, including the different types of protection available. Herb is determined to deliver the highest quality patent services at fair cost levels.

Herb's electrical engineering and computer science degrees were directed to algorithms, electronics, electromagnetics, signal processing, computer architecture, networking, and software engineering. With more than twenty years of research and development experience, Herb has drafted or prosecuted patent applications across most technical subject matter areas.

Example patents and patent applications are available by request. Please provide a broad technical subject matter area, such as electronic, software, or mechanical, and further detail including your invention's  general technological field, such as networking, security, audio, video, medical devices, imaging, machine learning, signal processing, embedded systems, antennas, mobile device, mobile app, consumer products. Please send requests to Herb at


Master of Computer Science, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

BS Electrical Engineering, cum laude, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC


2014 US Patent & Trademark Office, Reg. # 72393

Herb is experienced in all phases of US & PCT patent application preparation and prosecution, including software, electrical, electronic, and mechanical arts, in addition to research and development experience in the computer, software, electronic, and electrical fields. Herb has drafted patent applications and claims for subject matter including electrical, electronic, networking, cloud services, database systems and methods, cryptographic systems and methods, mobile devices, mobile apps, blockchain applications, machine learning, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, audio / image / video processing, wireless systems including Wi-Fi and cellular technologies, autonomous systems, medical imaging, fraud detection, security systems, and mechanical apparatus including various consumer accessories, tools, and systems for assisting individuals with disabilities. In addition, Herb has prosecuted to allowance patent cases comprising computer-implemented subject matter which faced 35 USC 101 rejections over Bilski and Alice. Herb is also the sole inventor for several US Patents and Patent Applications in the network communications field.


Embedded and Real-time Systems, Networking (Protocols / Security /Infrastructure), Digital Security, Digital Signal Processing, Error Detection / Correction, Digital Filters, Modulation / Demodulation, Audio Signal Processing, Audio and Video Codecs, Video Processing, Streaming Multimedia, VOIP, Image Processing, Machine Vision, Object Detection / Tracking, Video / Audio Compression, Wireless (GPS / GSM / HF / VHF), Location Tracking, Reverse Engineering, Antennas, Wireless / Wireline / RF / Audio / Ultrasonic / Voiceband Modems, IoT, Medical Devices and Systems, Robotics, Speech Processing (Identification / Recognition / Transcription), Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Intelligent Grid, Cluster Computing, Software AI Blockchain, Cloud Systems, Digital and Analog Electronics, Semiconductors, Energy Harvesting, Low Power Hardware and Software Design, Parallel Computing, Linux Appliances, Virtualization, Semiconductors.


Protocols Engineer: Developed Data, Physical, and Management protocols (ITU-T, IETF)

Data Mining Engineer: Developed tools for real-time and off-line analysis of a variety of data types

Software Engineer: Developed mission-critical intelligent grid, measurement, and control applications

Multimedia Engineer: Developed video, audio, image, and signal processing analysis tools

Reverse Engineer: Analyzed, reverse-engineered, and modified embedded/Linux/Windows software

System Engineer: Directed engineering teams designing and developing complex systems

Firmware Engineer: Designed embedded software for communications, control, and appliance systems

Embedded Linux: Developed custom router solutions using OpenWrt for multiple platforms

Product Engineer: Designed and implemented product modifications for regulatory compliance

Skills: C, C++, Bash, Python, OpenCV, GNU Octave, Matlab, Qt, OllyDbg, IDEPro, audio and video codecs, mpeg, H.264, libx264, ffmpeg, Linux (Ubuntu, Knoppix, PCLinuxOS, OpenWRT), Embedded Linux, Linux Appliances, Windows, cygwin, virtualbox, OpenWRT, OpenVPN, GCC (c/c++), autotools, subversion, cvs, git, tcpdump, wireshark, MSVC (Developer Studio chain), mingw, msys, 802.11x wireless protocols, simulation (discrete event, signal processing, communications)

CERTIFIED TECH SKILLS  (BrainBench / Previsor)

Digital Signal Processing

Embedded Systems

Cloud Computing

Programming Concepts

C Programming

Assembly Language


Eta Kappa Nu

National Association of Patent Practitioners


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Additional work samples are available by request.



US 10413011 Hardhat Speakers*

US 10373458 Automatic threat detection based on video frame delta information in compressed video streams*

US 10140710 Automatic key frame detection*

US 9978393 System and method for automatically removing noise defects from sound recordings*

US 9842175 Methods and systems for automatic selection of preferred classification and regression trees, with validated ranking

US 9760656 Methods and systems for automatic selection of classification and regression trees having preferred consistency and accuracy

US 9524476 Methods and systems for automatic selection of preferred size classification and regression trees

US 9330127 Methods and systems for automatic selection of classification and regression trees

US 20200005538 Remote Collaboration Methods and Systems*

US 20190392866 Video Summarization and Collaboration Systems and Methods*

US 20190383879 Precision Battery Energy Measuring System*

US 20190377611 Rule Generation and Tasking Resources and Attributes to Objects System and Method*

US20190377012 Precision Current Sensing Using Low Cost Sense Resistance*

US 20190313024 Camera power management by a network hub with artificial intelligence*

US 20190311201 Battery-powered camera with reduced power consumption based on machine learning and object detection*

US 20190275510 Catalytic converter restoration systems and methods*

US 20190164164 Collaborative pattern recognition system*

US 20180307979 Distributed deep learning using a distributed deep neural network*

US 20180137415 Predictive analytic methods and systems

WO/2018/089574 Predictive Analytic Methods and Systems


                       * Prepared under contract to Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP

 Sample Office Action Response ( Prepared under contract to Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP ) 

OA_response-sample (pdf)


Certified Tech Skills


EE/CS, DSP, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing

Herb-Lacey_Website-resume (pdf)


Patent Attorney Richard Bennett Salles USPTO REG. # 72,346, CAL. BAR #205140

Richard Bennett Salles is the founder and managing parter of Foundation Patents, LLP, and he is a USPTO-registered patent attorney who helps creative people realize their dreams. His first love is working with inventors to craft their innovations into effective patents, with a focus on comprehensive specifications, illustrative figures and broad claims that capture the genius (“the inventive step”) of an invention while covering all conceivable embodiments. Richard enjoys the delicate art of claim-drafting, and takes special pride in his ability to work with USPTO Examiners to secure the broadest patent protection available. Richard especially enjoys the follow-up process of enforcing clients’ i.p. via licensing-for-royalties agreements and assignment agreements. Richard leverages his vast experience in all phases of US, PCT, and foreign patent preparation, prosecution, and litigation to deliver value for clients of Innatricity LLC on a case-by-case contract basis, where there is no conflict with prior engagements.

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